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About Our Website Marketing Company

Are You Tired Of Not Getting Results?

We founded Crack Marketing in 2000 to be positioned as an Elite Website Consulting Firm. Our goal was simply to help our Website Marketing clients succeed using the latest most innovative website marketing tools.


We wanted to be different by allowing our clients to be in control. So we began by listening.


Clients Told Us They Wished For:

  • One Stop Shopping
  • No technical jargon or "Geek Speak" as we call it
  • Fanatical Customer Service
  • Part time team member who cared about their company as much as their full time staff
  • Someone who understood marketing with a formal education


So we did things a little different to make our services more customer centered. We are Website Marketing Experts that have the best Marketers working for us. What we offer is high quality work that reflects your marketing objectives. Having a Certified Internet Marketing Consultant oversee each detail of your project offers a tremendous advantage. With over 1 Billion websites, anything that you can do better than your competition will reflect your bottom line.


We take pride in our work and it shows (we often spend 10 hours a day here so we better enjoy what we do).


Results Vary, But In The Past We Have:

  • Typically Quadrupled Traffic
  • Increased Business By 25% In ONE year
  • Lowered Overall Marketing Cost By 1/3
  • Increased Sales by over $500,000.00
  • Conversion rates of 30%+




Not every type of business needs a website marketing campaign. Certain industries provide much better opportunities than others. To learn more about which industries tend to outperform, spend a few hours with one of our Certified Internet Marketing Consultants.


Meet Your Competitive Advantage


Kristoffer D Koonar - President / Internet Marketing Guru
Kristoffer has years of sales, marketing & general business experience. He has been the top salesperson provincial wide for two companies as well as worked in tourism, investment banking and property development. He holds a Graduate Degree in Internet Marketing from The University of British Columbia and an Executive Master's Of Business Administration at Athabasca University.


Selina Kang - Sales Consultant
Selina is a natural people person who is very professional yet gregarious. She holds a B.A in Political Science and International Relations from the University of British Columbia. Presently Selina is a full fledged lawyer in good standing with the Washington State Bar and British Columbia Bar.


In House Staff

We only work with the very best clients. So in turn we hire and work with the very best:


  • Writers
  • Press Release Agents
  • Links Builders
  • Design Experts
  • Programer
  • Pay Per Click Experts


Our goal is quality and not quantity. Crack Marketing Consultants are in high demand thus our affordable internet marketing services are limited to a few new clients each month.


To find out if you will be a good partner with Crack Marketing, click here


We offer our Website Marketing Services worldwide.


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