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Best Internet Marketing Company


Business Owners, Executives and Management: It is not your fault that you are not getting the results you want from your Internet Marketing. The fact is most so called experts whether in house or outsourced have no clue how to increase your profits.


Get More Traffic and Get More Customers From That Traffic. Business professionals have trusted us for over 10 years because we are also business professionals that are the best at what we do.

Internet Marketing is not a commodity. Who you work with counts!!


Best Internet Marketing Company

Do all lawyers get the same results? Do all sport's professionals achieve the same results? Well, Internet Marketing is not a commodity either. Who you work with counts.

If you are interested in working with the Best Internet Marketing Company, then consider our services and competitive advantage.


  • Our CEO and COO are formally educated with MBA and a Juris Doctorate with a good standing membership to 2 different Bar Associations.
  • Combine a graduate education with over 10 years experience running an Internet Marketing Company.
    Proven techniques and tactics that will work for your website over the long term.


Attention: Our services are in high demand and only available to companies expected to earn over 2 million dollars this year. Why? Simply because it is more lucrative to increase a 10 million dollar company by 10% than it is to increase a 25 thousand dollar company by 400%. There is no cap on how large a company has to be to work with us.


What Is An Expert?

Seems like everyone is calling themselves and expert today. Look at the definition of expert from Wikipedia:
Expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source often technique or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by their peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain. An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study.

Fact is there are very few true Internet Marketing experts out there. When we hire new staff over 90% of applicants calling themselves experts have no experience and no clue as to what works and what does not. A website designer is not an Internet Marketing expert. Think about this in an offline situation. Would you hire the designer of a hotel to be the general manager?


At Crack Marketing, our experience, reputation and education set us apart.


Best Internet Marketing Company Package


Our Services start at $2500 a month and are fully scalable to meet your organization's needs. We offer a differentiation generic competitive strategy because of our unique expertise. This works best with firms that are non price sensitive and looking for extraordinary capabilities to achieve their organizational objectives.


If you are looking for an Internet Marketing Company that uses Porter's Cost Leadership. Keep searching. Remember to never equate price with value. You cannot ask for top price and top sales by working with discount staff.


Fair Warning:
Since our principals manage each campaign personally, our services are limited to a set number of new clients each month. Being the Best Internet Marketing Company means never delegating your account to lesser Internet Marketing professionals.


Why use our services versus doing your Website Marketing in-house? Simple, Internet Marketing requires more than one skill-set. Our company is designed to take care of economies of scale. We have copywriters who write landing pages all day, others who write articles, and still others who write press releases. We have technicians who submit the writing to the appropriate online sources. In effect, we have many specialists working for you, and everyone within our organization knows their job very well, and does it effectively with minimum billing hours. We can achieve more in 20 hours per month of billables then most lone full time Internet Marketing in house staff.


That being said, there are also situations where doing your Internet Marketing in-house will give a better ROI. Fill the form out on the bottom of this page or give us a call for a no hassle evaluation.



Build your site with the proper tools right from start up, get the knowledge you need to keep it optimized for top search engine ranking, and great conversion rates, and let us provide the boost to drive pre-sold traffic right to your front door.

Find the best Internet Marketing Service Team in the business
Take advantage of their expertise and skill-set
Let them take care of the details for you
Save your time, money, and resources. You do what you do best (running your business), we do what we do best (helping you increase your business)


Hire Internet Marketing Service Professionals
100% Confidential
Superior Internet Marketing Services
Unparalleled Professionalism
Profoundly Informative
Critical Thinking Outlining Methods Proven to Work
Great Results - Higher Ranking, Increased Traffic & Great Conversion Rates

Crack Internet Marketing Service Team
All Our Accounts Are Managed By One Person
Kris Koonar, MBA, GDM, CIM


Fact is that we reject 9 out of ten leads for new clients. This is not a cleverly designed sales tactic. It is simply because we believe our services will not provide a suitable Return On Investment (ROI) to everyone. We have no need to give anyone a hard sales pitch. Good services should sell on their own.


Give us a call to set up an appointment or just fill out the form by clicking here.




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