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The Crack Internet Marketing Service Team has come up with an innovative new service to GENERATE PERMANENT PRESOLD TRAFFIC. Crack Marketing Internet Services: We keep you ahead of the competition!



Expect Only The Very Best

Our difference is in our straightforward approach to Internet Marketing Services. Our Internet Marketing Services provide your company with the competitive advantage required to reach top ranking on search engines, generate high traffic, and convert that traffic into paying customers.

Expecting Only The Very Best Internet Marketing Services

We provide ongoing internet marketing services to several companies in various industries across America and Canada. We have proudly planned, and implemented, over 200+ successful campaigns during the course of the past seven years; as a result, increasing traffic, and conversion rates on all our clients' websites.


It is our honor to present a handful of our clients to you now, but for reasons of confidentiality we have withheld names, and contact information. We are a discerning Internet Marketing Company, and care deeply about our clients' privacy, and time.


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We select, as potentially new clients, only those businesses that would benefit from our special Internet Marketing Services. It is only at that time, do we divulge any of the names of our clients for personal references.

Fair Warning: We cannot provide Internet Marketing Services To Everyone. We choose Only Clients Who Will Benefit The Most From Our Marketing Strategies.



Please Note: The exact details of our clients are withheld to ensure their privacy.


file-4670-055-s - Hyak.jpgWarren C. owner of the top White River Rafting Company in Western Canada has trusted Crack Marketing for seven years to fill up his boats.

Warren regularly invites our Principle, Kris Koonar, MBA, to train and update his staff on the latest Internet Marketing strategies. Crack Internet Marketing Services took this company to first page rankings on the "Big Three" search engines, increasing traffic, along with their conversion rates. Today it is smooth sailing all the way.


Larry L., owner of the largest High School diploma program in the US, trusts Crack Marketing to keep the students rolling in. When it comes to conversion rates, and an internet site that works, Larry and Kris always ensure that everything makes the grade. Internet Marketing Services keep this company top of the search engines, so much so, that they had to establish a new call center to keep on top of new leads pouring in from their optimized website.







David R., manager of one of the top industrial certification schools in Florida State, employs Crack Marketing to keep his school top in the minds of potential trainees. Internet Marketing Services from Crack increased this company's conversion rates by over 400%, and tripled their sites top ranking for several internet search engine keywords; although, this site already enjoyed its share of high traffic, and conversion rates.





B. Murray, owner of a luxury limousine rental company, regularly enjoys higher traffic and greater conversion rates. Kris, and his Internet Marketing Company, increased the traffic and conversion rate, of this already popular website, by eight times the original amount. By slight changes to online content, this company now enjoys high ranking on search engines, for several different keywords, and plenty of pre-sold traffic.




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We believe in offering our clients only top quality services with commitment and dedication. We care about our clients, their businesses, and their employees.

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Kevin M, owner of a fast growing personal coaching company in California works with the Crack Internet Marketing Services team to optimize his company website, and increase conversion rates. Internet Marketing Services, from Crack, keep his company abreast of new internet developments, and ahead of the competition. Kris advises Kevin on website design that works from both a design point of view and a marketing point of view, to increase traffic, and produce higher conversion rates.






Top level business coach, Gary H., and his highly successful team of top business coaches, hired Kris and his team at Crack Marketing to help them keep growing. Increased internet traffic took this company from 500 to 35,000 visitors per month with greater than normal conversion rates. In order to stay on top of demand they increased their staff by four times their original size. Now this company enjoys the benefit of consistently sold out seminars, and top ranking on internet searches.





Kris' team at Crack Marketing primarily wrote the overall internet business plan for John P.'s Florida real estate investing company. The plan helped to align the entire departmental vision toward the same goals, for immensely successful and welcomed results. This company enjoys regular Internet Marketing Services to keep the plan on track, and keep this real estate team top of internet searches, where they enjoy high traffic, and great long term returns.









Phil W., manager of a state of the art mobile climbing wall company in California, enjoys the competitive advantage with increased traffic, and a 50% lower internet marketing budget. Crack's Internet Marketing Services keep this company's website optimize for top search engine ranking, higher traffic, and more lucrative conversion rates.





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FACT: There is an abundance of Internet Marketing Companies available that claim to have Internet Marketing secrets, promise increased traffic, and great returns INSTANTLY.


The internet is instant; the clicks of the internet users are instant; but, BUILDING A GREAT NAME FOR YOUR COMPANY, AND HIGH STANDING IN THE GLOBAL MARKET is not instant - it takes time, diligence, and repetitive constant effort.


Are You Still Getting Your Internet Marketing From A Website Designer?
We Are Business Professionals, Including
An MBA And A Juris Doctor,

Who Lead The Best Designers, Copywriters, And Support Team In The Business.
We Are Executives Helping Executives.


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Jeanne C. owns an e-greeting card company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unwilling to gamble with the success of her company Jeanne, after an hour of Internet Marketing Consultation, hired Kris and his team at Crack Marketing. They immediately set up an Internet Marketing Service plan providing Jeanne with a comprehensive list of internet marketingstrategies that would benefit her small business. From there the team created different revenue streams by optimizing her website for high traffic, and excellent conversion rates. Jeanne has trusted Crack Internet Marketing Services from start up, and continues to watch her company grow stronger.






Michelle Q. is COO of a home buying company based in Florida. This company continues to enjoy number one ranking in search engines, thanks to the diligence and constant determination of Crack Internet Marketing Service team to make all their companies rank number one. This firm, with fourteen offices in seven states, just continues to grow. Since hiring Crack Internet Marketing Services they enjoy higher than usual traffic, and more importantly excellent conversion rates.






Bill M., founder and owner of a highly reputable Accountancy Firm in California, trusts the Crack Internet Marketing Service team to keep his company top on the search engines. Internet Marketing Services for this company have generated higher than normal traffic, and much greater conversion rates through presold traffic. Website optimization makes this another top ranking site.


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In A Straightforward, Simple Manner
Internet Marketing Services
Crack Marketing

  1. Over 7 years of experience helping companies, large and small (across America and Canada) to optimize their websites for top ranking on search engines, higher flow of pre-sold traffic, and greater conversion rates. Top notch Internet Marketing Services.
  2. Over 200+ highly successful marketing plans, strategies, budgets, and campaigns proven to increase traffic, conversion rates, and return on investment.
  3. Our principles:
    Kris Koonar, MBA: Formal education in Marketing, and Internet Marketing with an advanced Post Graduate Education in Business (MBA).
    Selina Kang, LLB: Formal Education in law. Juris Doctor.
  4. Thousands of hours spent in Internet Marketing Services, empowering clients to optimize their internet business marketing strategies, and soar towards unlimited future success.

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