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Internet Marketing Training

Have total control over your company’s Internet Marketing

Do you have the resources to do your own in house Internet Marketing?
Then our Internet Marketing Training could be right for you.


In almost 10 years of Internet Marketing, we have developed a skill to train people from all backgrounds in the finer points of Internet Marketing. We have trained solo entrepreneurs, M.D.s, Lawyers and CEO's of 9 figure corporations.


Internet Marketing is not hard work, but it does require time. We can show you how to allocate your time and resources to obtain the best Return On Investment (ROI)


Recover your investment in as little as 14 days!


With the average price of SEO services these days, our Internet Marketing Training could possibly recover your investment in as little as 14 days.


Our Internet Marketing Training Curriculum:

  • Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Internet Marketing Business Plan
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Fundamentals
  • Sales Strategies
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Measuring Performance



We are just putting the final touches on the program. Our price for Internet Marketing is $2000.00 USD

Our pricing is an excellent value, considering many box programs cost more than this without any one on one training

Contact us here to find out how you can benefit from our Internet Marketing Training and receive a free PDF file explaining in detail how we can help you. 1.800.794.3721


kris koonar
Kristoffer D Koonar


Do not wait long as we have limited room available and prices will be raised soon.

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